We now live in a world where redundancy and career transition are increasingly common.

In this time of significant uncertainty and new working conditions, how can you ensure employability?

Understand your skills and experience, and their value in the current work environment.  Spending time reflecting on your key skills and relevant experience can provide confidence and clarity in your move forward.  Being able to demonstrate and explain your strengths and relevant experience concisely and in context will allow you to demonstrate value to a potential employer.

  • What are your proudest career achievements?  What did you contribute? How does this assist future employers?
  • When are you in a state of flow? Think of a time when you were fully immersed in what you were doing.  Why were you so engaged?  What skills and strengths were you using?

Be flexible in your thinking and open to your career focus and identity changing.  The world has changed, and the world of work is not the same.  It is unclear how this will play out in the longer term.  Some work titles may no longer exist, and roles may have changed significantly.  Work may not be the same and that is ok.  Consider how it could be better, and how you can find a place in the new world of work.

  • What if the changes were positive for you?  What benefits can you see?

More than ever, develop and support your network.  Get comfortable networking online. Be interested, be interesting, ask questions, share your experience and connect. Re-engage with past colleagues and make new contacts, share ideas and look for ways to help or collaborate.  Set networking goals.

  • Download and review your LinkedIn contacts – Who can you help? Who can help you? Who could you reconnect with?

Establish a new routine and give yourself a purpose.  A new routine provides for opportunity and a clear purpose gives motivation and drive.  Day to day goals establish achievement and certainty.

  • What is one thing you can do to right now to improve your return to work or your general wellbeing?

Most importantly, identify negative thoughts, sit with them, identify if your thoughts help or hinder your purpose. Your redundancy could be an opportunity in disguise, a chance to refocus, plan and make thoughtful career choices that lead you down a different, maybe stronger career path.