During interview coaching I develop mock interviews for my clients..

I aim to get as close as I can to the real interview by analysing the job advertisement, job description and the company.  Then by identifying required skills and knowledge we can prepare responses and have relevant examples to demonstrate appropriate strengths.

I always start with Tell me about yourself.  It should be easy, but it’s not.  Most people don’t prepare – even though a variation of this question is in every interview.  Establish a strong first impression by developing a pitch that is focused and engaging, and shows why you’re the right fit for the job.

The employer wants to know about your experience, skills and abilities, relevant to the position they are considering you for. Your response should focus on the professional you. Breaking it down into sections (past, present and future) can help.


Who are you professionally?  (past)

I have a background in HR and recruitment with 15 years’ experience within the resource industry in WA.  Having also worked in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, I have a strong knowledge of both the global and local engineering sector”


How are you qualified for this role?  (present)

I have had success working with challenging Managers, understanding their resource requirements and providing a professional and reliable recruitment service.  I am familiar with managing applicant tracking systems, writing job advertisements and managing large caseloads of open positions”


Why are you here? (future)

I am looking to return a role where I can support both project and corporate recruitment, using my engineering knowledge and stakeholder engagement skills. I am particularly interested in this role due to my past experience with using xxx database which I understand you are looking to utilize.

A strong answer will address some of the key points in the job advertisement and acknowledge the challenges of the job.  Your response should identify your relevant strengths and experience and outline why you are applying for this position.  It’s an overview – supported by the detail you provide later in the interview.


Prepare and practise to ensure it is focused and tailored to the job you are applying.