The way we work has drastically changed.  More than ever we need to demonstrate initiative and critical thinking, so job interview questions are changing too.

Ensure your responses to interview questions reflect the current work environment. Be able to demonstrate your ability to:

  • Deliver results with limited direction and/or successfully from a home office
  • Manage or work effectively as part of a remote team.
  • Overcome and manage issues and problems associated with technology and online systems.
  • Make decisions and adapt quickly to changing priorities and work environment.
  • Manage your own and your teams mental health and work-home boundaries.

As always, the key to successful interviewing is prepare and practise.

Key questions could include

How did you adapt to working remotely? – Employers are looking for your ability to adapt, to make effective changes during challenging times.  You want an authentic and positive response.  If you worked a lot from home demonstrate ongoing productivity.  Explain how you worked with new technology, managed your day to ensure you met deliverables and stayed in contact with the team.  Be prepared to outline the challenges you faced and how you overcome them.

How did you ensure effective communication and collaboration while working remotely?   Discuss processes, strategies and tools you implemented.  The interviewer is looking to see if you can adapt effectively, if you retained a team focus and were able to achieve results.  Use examples of how you kept in touch with team members, outline a joint task that required team collaboration.  Be prepared to explain how you collaborated and what systems and processes you used.

Other questions may include

  • Did the pandemic affect the way you approach your mental health and self-care? How do you maintain your own and your teams wellbeing?
  • When working remotely how have you managed IT challenges?
  • What preferences do you have for working remotely or onsite in the future?
  • As a Manager in the current work climate – what are the key priorities for your team?


Employers are looking for candidates who can show resilience and adaptability in a changing work environment. When preparing for an interview ensure your responses demonstrate initiative, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.   Prepare and Practice.