8 Engaging Cover Letter Starting Sentences (number 5 not so much!)

Although there is no one right way to start your cover letter, the key is to engage the reader early and ensure your letter highlights your relevant skills and experience specifically related to the role or company you are applying to.

Sometimes just getting started is hardest part. Below are 8 adaptable examples of starting sentences for your cover letter.

Remember to focus on your skills and experience, related to the role you are applying for.

  1. As a Safety and Health professional, I have an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and target strategies that boost performance and enhance safety initiatives.
  2. Accounting is my area of expertise. For more than 12 years’ I have successfully managed the financials in both local and multi-national environments and have developed reputation for driving performance and ensuring financial and taxation compliance.
  3. Jane Smith suggested I contact you regarding the Mechanical Engineering role within your team. Jane and I worked together for many years on the XYZ project and she mentioned how your team would benefit from my experience with wastewater.
  4. Managing multi-site teams and driving strategic direction has been the focus of my career. Known for strong leadership and increasing technical capability I offer an extensive background of engineering management and business development.
  5. I am writing to express my interest in the advertised position of Civil Engineer. I am currently working at ABC company, where I am recognised for my strengths in road and pavement design.
  6. With expertise in power generation, transmission and power systems analysis, I have developed a strong skill set including technical leadership and knowledge in the connection, operation and distribution of power systems.
  7. Following your companies progress and recent project announcement I am keen to become provide my expertise. Attached is my CV outlining my relevant experience as a Senior Fire Safety Engineer.
  8. I was excited to find an opening in Human Resources with ABC Company as I have been following your work in flexible work practises and leadership coaching. I am the perfect candidate for this position because of my experience with XYZ.


Be engaging, clear and concise and target the role or company specifically.